Carbon Budget Explained: How Much Budget is Left?

The carbon budget refers to the maximum amount of greenhouse gas emissions that can be released into the atmosphere without causing severe damage to the Earth's climate and environment

What is the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)?

SBT stands for Science Based Targets, an international initiative that serves as one of the indicators for companies to ...
Renewable Energy

Pros and Cons of Fossil Fuels

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What is the Carbon Neutrality Coalition? Cited from: Carbon Neutrality Coalition The Carbon Neutrality Coalition is an i...

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What are Carbon Credits? Carbon credits are permits or certificates that represent the right to emit one ton of carbon d...

What is Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (GO)?

What is GO (Guarantee of Origin)? The 'Guarantee of Origin (GO)' is a certification scheme that proves energy emissions ...

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What is an I-REC (International Renewable Certificate) for Erectricity? Copyright: I-REC I-REC is an international renew...

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The Non-Fossil Certificate is a document that certifies the 'environmental value' of electricity generated from non-foss...

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What is the Geothermal Energy? "Geothermal" refers to the heat inside the Earth. There are super-hot "magma reservoirs" ...